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Definition Of A Consumer Credit Agreement

The director`s duties under this Act easily overlap with those of the Fair Trading Act, but remain an extension of his or her original role. [15] The Director General is responsible for issuing licences and, in accordance with section 35 of the Act, the Director is required to keep a register containing all appropriate information concerning licences and licence applications. The register was established on 2 February 1976 and is kept at Chancery House in London. [16] The Enterprise Act 2002 formally replaced the Office of Fair Trading with the Office of Fair Trading for the purposes of this Act. [17] Under the loan agreement, the policy is charged. It was rarely used in the field of consumer credit, as it was limited to the types of consumer transactions covered by the Moneylenders Act and did not cover leases, installment purchase agreements or credit transactions carried out by persons who were not money lenders, like banks. .