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College Apartment Roommate Agreement

Financial conditions are legally binding. A roommate may sue another roommate if he or she does not pay the rents/bills for which he or she is responsible under the agreement. However, concepts such as rules of procedure and rules on housework may not be legally binding. Nevertheless, you want these points to be explained in your agreement in order to draw the attention of each party to the expectations when it comes to renting. If you are moving in with your university roommate for the first time (either in an apartment or in residences), you may want or need to enter into a roommate agreement or a roommate agreement. While they`re not normally legally binding, roommate agreements are a great way to make sure you and your roommate are on the same page about the daily details of living with someone else. And while they may seem like pain, roommate agreements are a smart idea. This is something that is not covered by many university apartment offices, but it should. And one never realizes the importance of cleaning until it is neglected or everything falls on a person. Things to think about/talk about: who cleans what? When will we clean up (how many times)? Who is responsible for the purchase of cleaning products? To what extent do you want to be ordained and ordained as a whole? Even though it`s probably illegal for you to drink, I include it in things you can tell your roommate about, because, let`s be honest, you`re an adult and drinking happens in college. And while you can`t control each other`s lives, you both have the right not to be put in situations that make you uncomfortable, especially where you live.

So openly discuss your feelings and expectations when it comes to drinking. To help develop and maintain this link, you can obtain a colocation agreement from the Resident Advisor or House & Apartment Manager. This document serves to open the lines of communication between roommates on residential styles. If necessary, community advisors and other trained staff members are available to resolve disputes between roommates. Your allergies or those of your roommate could be a small problem that you don`t even need to talk about. Or they could be a big problem that you need to be aware of all the time. Depending on the severity of allergies, you may not be able to have certain foods in your room, and you may want to talk at your desk if, for example, you simply can`t live without peanut butter and your roommate can`t live with it. . .