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Guest Artist Agreement

Form #10 CONTRACT BETWEEN THE ADVERTISING AGENCY AND THE INDIVIDUAL ARTIST Date: [Talent Address] Ladies and Gentlemen This letter, when executed by you and us, constitutes a valid and binding agreement 7 Agreement and rules for employment under the Guest Artist Agreement 7 D. For any unauthorized use of registered material, the producer shall pay at least the minimum sag or AFTRA applicable to such use, plus two weeks of contractual wage or minimum production contract, whichever is greater, to any actor whose rights have been violated under this Agreement. 10th OCCUPANCY LIST. If a casting list is provided, an asterisk (*) should appear next to the actor`s name, with a program note that reads, „The actor is dating courtesy of the Actors` Equity Association, the Union of Professional Actors and Stage Managers in the United States.” 11. COSTUMES AND CHANGING ROOMS. (a) Costumes. The producer equips the actors with all costumes, including wigs, hats, beards, pieces of hair, tights and pipes, as well as properly fitted shoes. The manufacturer must keep these objects in a clean and hygienic condition at his own expense. (b) Costume rental. The actor can, once elected, agree to use certain objects from his personal wardrobe, with a rental contract from a rider to his contract. Equity is contacted to find the appropriate conditions and the driver. (c) dressing room.

As far as possible, a private dressing room will be made available to the actor. The actors` cloakroom must have toilets or be in the immediate vicinity of the toilets. 12TH CASE. Mutually agreed apartments, which must include a private room, will be made available to the actor free of charge and a driver describing this accommodation will be annexed to the actor`s contract. When a disabled actor is hired, accommodation is made available in accordance with Title I of the A.D.A. 13. TRANSPORT. (a) In the theatre.

The producer must provide the actor with round-trip transportation in the form of a plane or train ticket or cash at least three days before the actor`s departure for the workplace. All reasonable transportation costs, including taxis, luggage and tips, must be paid by the manufacturer. (i) It is the duty and responsibility of the producer to perform the actor upon arrival in the city or to teach the actor in advance where to go upon arrival. The producer makes every attempt to ensure transportation from the actor`s place of arrival in the city to his local home. (ii) It is also useful to provide the actor with city maps and information about the city. (b) local transport for actors outside the city. If accommodation is not within walking distance, local transportation is provided to and from the theatre and rehearsal room. The producer offers twice a week, at the published hours, round-trip transport to the purchasing possibilities. This transport is carried out on board a fully insured vehicle, operated by a fully authorised driver.

Such a journey leads to a varied shopping area, which includes a real supermarket, pharmacy, laundromat and bank. 14. ADVERTISING. Actors are not required to advertise; However, the actor may agree to do public relations with appropriate notice. Advertising must not include the depiction of material from production. . . .