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Agreement For Sale Of Furniture And Fixtures India

We will take property with furniture and fixing. In 5 years, ownership of the property of furniture and play equipment will be transferred to us. 6. Sales consideration was thus set at 78,000 aff. in this duly notarized agreement, the advance payment of 30,00,000 rus was made through the banking channels and there is no dispute concerning the bonafides of this agreement. However, during the actual sale transaction, the payment of 78,00,000 lots was divided into two parts – as payment of the property and payment of the furniture, etc. On February 4, 2011, these two separate agreements were implemented, admittedly, as a result of the aforementioned sales agreement. In der Verkaufstat vom 4. February 2011 in favour of the expert by the person selling property C6 Andandvan, it was found, among other things, how translated in bulk of the document in GujDrDrJilldngLDgO, lJhDJl” that the title in question is clear and marketable, we have the full right and power to sell this property, the property in question is currently in the possession of our second part and it is agreed between us both parties to sell the same thing long-term, with common facilities, for a sales performance of Rs 60,00,000 (in terms of Sixty Lakhs Rs only) and that this sales consideration includes a consideration for all luxury facilities and common rights at the disposal`LlTheassese paid Rs 30.00,000, ING Vaishya Bank Ltd Check No. 354375 of 4.2.2011, as part of this agreement.

On the same day, the auditor had entered into a separate agreement providing for 18,00,000 aff. until the next cheque slip from the same bank, i.e. the cheque number. 354376 of 4.2.2011 via INNG Vaishya Bank Ag, paid. In this contract for the sale of furniture and furnishings, it states in particular: e. The reference to one of the parties to this agreement or to any other agreement or instrument or other instrument includes its successor or the approved beneficiary of the assignment; and (The description of furniture and furnishings has a long list of items, including, for example, as the ceiling fan, mounted wall fan, Jacuzzi Freeze 450 liters, RO Machine, Geyser, Samsung Microwave, Cooking, Bad Wooden, Metros, Bed, Computer Table, Extra Table, Almari Wood, Platform 31, Lexus OTG, Stull Wood, LCDs, Philips Music System with Speaker , 8×12 Wooden cabinets, kitchen cabinets, Tpoy Center, Ceiling Lamp, 9FB, Branj Topy, wooden makeup table, Kenstar radiator, makeup table 2×2, wooden Inavir, plate 4.10×2, makeup table 2.9×2.8, Maliya stone wood, Cota platform, wooden blanket 18×2, cabinet shoes, flower port, decorative frame, wooden cabinet for rag 36×8 , jogging cycle, wood malya cloth cabinet, swivel chair, wooden cabinet, sofa 3 grilles, diwan 4 grids, Tpoy corner, Tpoy corner, dining table 6, wooden cabinet 7.8, Bran Queen Status, bedroom chair, decorative frame, wood double bed 6.3×6.10 , Maliya wooden, work table, intermediate glass in the bathroom, bed 6.3, mattress 6.3, computer cabinet , Almari wood, faux ceiling glass, AC SplitIDA, candy pump, swivel chair, Sofa chair, wooden makeup table with wardrobe, Godrej Almari, Samsung Window AC, Sintex Tank 2000 Ltrs, Sofa 2 Sitters, Window Shutter stainless steel 4×3, Double wooden, Tipoy Center, Side Almari Wood, Rideau Window Elec MotorPumpe, Sintex Tank 500 ltrs, Tipoy Center, Stepoy etc. 2.1.